Commercial Auto Insurance

Our commercial auto policies can meet the specific needs of your business operation. The policy provides liability, collision and comprehensive coverage for retail, wholesale delivery, contractor or service industry vehicles. Garage auto policies cover the legal liability of dealerships, repair garages and body shops arising from the businesses operations. The policy can also cover damage to customer’s and garage-owned autos.

General Liability

Liability insurance helps you in the event someone claims your business caused them harm. The policy provides coverage for property damage or bodily injury claims caused by negligence or acts of omission involving your business operations.

Coverage for personal and advertising injury, as well as medical payments is also included.

Workers Compensation

Your employees are key to the success of your business. Workers Compensation insurance covers employees injured in the workplace or in the course of their employment. We will also work with you to help avoid claims in the first place. If a claim is filed, your coverage will pay for medical bills and lost wages as required by state law. The policy also provides employers’ liability insurance for legal liability imposed on an employer to pay damages to an employee injured as a result of the employer’s negligence.

Owner Operator Insurance

Owner operators need special truck insurance products and services whether they're operating under permanent lease to a motor carrier or under their own authority. We understand the difference, and can help you choose the best trucking insurance coverages to match your business and protect your livelihood.

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Motor Truck Cargo

A growing number of risk managers require truckers to insure their cargo. You can meet that requirement with Progressive’s Motor Truck Cargo Insurance. It pays when you are responsible for damage to or loss of the cargo due to fire, collision or even hitting or running over the cargo that you transport on behalf of a client.

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Motor Truck General Liability

A growing number of risk managers require for-hire truckers to have Motor Truck General Liability insurance. You can meet that requirement with Progressive’s Truck GL coverage. It pays for injuries or property damage you cause as a result of business activities not directly related to operating your truck.

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Trailer Interchange Insurance

Trailer Interchange insurance provides Physical Damage insurance for trailers being pulled under a trailer interchange agreement. This is essentially Physical Damage insurance for non-owned trailers. This insurance protects you if the trailer is damaged by collision, fire, theft, explosion or vandalism.

Since the exchanged trailers are not owned by you, they require separate insurance coverage because they are not covered under your regular Physical Damage insurance.

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Non-Trucking Liability

If you're under permanent lease to a motor carrier that provides your primary liability coverage, you could benefit from our Non-Trucking Liability (NTL) coverage while using your truck for a non-business purpose.

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